Surfa Nova is a radio show on 88.9 fm KUCI in Irvine.

Tune in every Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm and hear me, DJ Sam, with some sweet surf rock jams and bossa nova tunes.

Request: (949) 824 - 5824 or [(949) UCI - KUCI]
Listen online at

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I Get Around - The Beach Boys live in París, 1964.

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Marcello Mastroianni, 1966, in a photo by Arturo Zavattini


Marcello Mastroianni, 1966, in a photo by Arturo Zavattini


San Onofre California 1950
Photo: Loomis Dean 


San Onofre California 1950

Photo: Loomis Dean 

I’ll be listening, will you?

I’ll be listening, will you?

Surfa Nova: The Last Show!

Ernest Maxin/ On The Beach/ Single (Top Rank Records)

The Challengers/ Penetration/ Surfbeat

The Pyramids/ Bikini Drag/ Summer Beach Party

The Lively Ones/ Surf Rider/ Wild Surf!

King Khan and the BBQ Show/ Love You So/ The King Khan and the BBQ Show

The Rumblers/ Boss!/ Revenge of the Surf Instrumentals

Bill May and His Orchestra/ The Odd Couple/ TV Town

The Ramrods/ Zig Zag/ Single (Amy Records)

Baja Marimba Band/ Windy/ Best of the Baja Marimba Band

Junior Brown/ Surf Medley/ Semi-Crazy

The Fendermen/ Don’t Just Know It/ Single (Soma Records)

Dick Dale/ The Victor/ Mr. Eliminator

The Astronauts/ The Pier/ Rarities

Johnny and the Hurricanes/ Red River Rock/ Single (Collectable Records)

The Routers/ On Wisconsin/ Charge!

The Phantoms/ Walk.. Don’t Run/ Wheels… and Other Guitar Hits!

Jim Messina and His Jesters/ Tamale Wagon/ The Dragsters

The Piltdown Men/ Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone/ Single (Capitol Records)

The Lively Ones/ Surfbeat/ Surfbeat

The Impacts/ Ft. Lauderdale/ Wipe Out!

Gene and the Esquires/ Space Race/ Rave On

The Deadly Ones/ Rebel Rouser/ It’s Monster Surfing Time

The Pastel Six/ Cinnamon Cinder/ Single (Zen Records)

The Revels/ Church Key/ Surf Legends and Rumors

The Astronauts/ Kuk/ Single (RCA Records)

The De-Fenders/ Taco Wagon/ Drag Beat

The Readymen/ Disintegration / Cowabunga

The Piltdown Men/ Tequila Bossa Nova/ Single (Capitol Records)

The Trashmen/ Birdbath/ Surfin’ Bird

Duane Eddy and the Rebels/ Peter Gunn/ Surf’s Comin’

The Challengers/ Pipeline/ Killer Surf

Eddie and the Showmen/ Mr. Rebel/ Squad Car

Bruce Johnston / Surfa Nova/100 Greatest Surf Rock Song

Young Jacques/ Jacques Cousteau/ Pulp Surfin’

The Rhythm Rockers/ Surfin’ at Mazatlan/ Soul Surfin’

The Clashmen/ Boondocker/ The Surf Creature

Eddie and the Showmen/ Toes on the Nose/ Squad Car

The Trashmen/ Be True to Your School/ The Great Lost Trashmen Album