Surfa Nova is a radio show on 88.9 fm KUCI in Irvine.

Tune in every Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm and hear me, DJ Sam, with some sweet surf rock jams and bossa nova tunes.

Request: (949) 824 - 5824 or [(949) UCI - KUCI]
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Super psyched for this music purchase, who cares if it’s from Starbucks. #SurfRock (at Starbucks)



Super psyched for this music purchase, who cares if it’s from Starbucks. #SurfRock (at Starbucks)


Donate now at 949-824-5824 or online at!

Donate now at 949-824-5824 or online at!

(Source: kuci)

(Source: kuci)

Week #52 Episode #52!

Does 52 weeks constitute a year? If so this will be my 1 year mark of shows! (eeing as I went on hiatus in summer). Anyway, here’s the playlist for today. For the record, a ‘Kuk’ (or kook) is someone who is not hip to the surfing lifestyle:

Kook: (also “Kuk”) A surfing beginner; someone who gets in the way or into trouble because of ignorance or inexperience (also see “Dork,” “Geek”). ” Source

Thanks to my caller who informed me on the definition! Keep listening!


The Piltdown Men/ Tequila Bossa Nova/ Single (Capitol Records)

The Ramrods/ Ghost Riders In The Sky/ Surf’s Comin’

The Deadly Ones/ The Moonlight Surfer/ It’s Monster Surfing Time

The Royaltones/ Poor Boy/ Single (Jubilee Records)

The Bambi Molesters/ Tempted/ Intensity!

El Hombre/ Mucho Cerveza/ The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett

The Astronauts/ Kuk/ Single (RCA Records)

Continental Cousins /Kana Kapila/ Jungle Exotica

The Rockin’ Rebels/ Wild Weekend Cha-Cha/ Single (Eric Records)

The Marketts/ Out of Limits/ Single (Warner Brothers Records)

Eddie and the Showmen/ Mr.Rebel/ Squad Car

Les Baxter/ Chopsticks/ The Lost Episode EP

Johnny Douglas and His Orchestra/ Downtown (Bossa Nova)/ Dance Party Discotheque

Walter Wanderley/ Summer Samba/ Rain Forest

Les Paul and Mary Ford/ Brazil/ Brazil

Baja Marimba Band/ Sounds of Silence/ Best of the Baja Marimba Band

The Piltdown Men/ Brontosaurus Stomp/ Shut Down

Nelson Riddle/ Winchester Cathedral/ On the Rocks Vol. 1

Si Zentner/ Walk Don’t Run/ The Best of Si Zentner

The Lively Ones/ Surf Beat/ Surf Rider!

The California Suns/ Masked Grandma/ Pebbles Vol. 4: Surf N’ Tunes

The Deuce Coupes/ Road Rattler/ Hotrodders’ Choice

Jim Messina and His Jesters/ Tamale Wagon/ The Dragsters

Link Wray/ The Black Widow/ Rumble! The Best of Link Wray

Yma Sumac/ Jungla/ Mambo!

The Royal Coachmen/ Repeating/ Boss Sounds From the Street and Strip

Joe Houston/ Surf Rockin’/ Surf Rockin’

Susan Lynne/ Don’t Drag No More/ Hey, Beach Girls! Female Surf and Drag

The Challengers/ Secret Agent Man/ The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Chantays/ Lonesome Road/ Pipeline

Eydie Gorme/ The Coffee Song/ Blame it on the Bossa Nova

The Ebonettes/ Wild Man Walk/ Jungle Exotica

The Harold Betters Sound/ Ram-Bunk-Shush/ Ram-Bunk-Shush

Joe Clay/ Duck Tail/ Single

Duane Eddy/ Desert Rat/ Single (RCA Records)

The Bamb Molesters/ Latin’ia/ Intensity!

Week #51 Episode #51!

Ah, it’s good to be back! And in a new mid-day 12pm-2pm timeslot too! Hope everyone got a chance to chill to some surf rock tunes on their lunch break!

The Astronauts/ Surfin’ U.S.A./ Surfin’ With the Astronauts

The Astronauts/ Susie Q/ Surfin’ With the Astronauts

The Tornadoes/ Charge of the Tornadoes/ Bustin’ Surfboards

Laurindho Almeida and The Bossa Nova All Stars/ Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/ Ole! Bossa Nova!

The Challengers/ Bedlam/ K-39

Film Music Maestros /A Hard Day’s Night/ The Wonderful World of Motion Pictures: New Themes and Original Soundtracks 

The Chantays/ El Conquistador/ Pipeline

The Fendermen/ Don’t You Just Know It/ Single (Soma Records)

The Sentinals/ Blue Booze/ Surfer Girl

Billy Daniels/ Perfidia/ Dance to the Music of Billy Daniels

Elis Regina/ Menino Des Laranjas/ Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960’s

The Piltdown Men/ Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone/ Single (Capitol Records)

The Surf Lords/ Ring of Fire/ Shark Attack!!!

The Lively Ones/ Surf Drums/ Surf Drums

The Shieks/ Baghdad Rock/ Jungle Exotica

The Pastel Six/ Cinnamon Cinder/ Single (Zen Records)

The Trashwomen/ Nightmare at the Drag/ Spend the Night with the Trashwomen

Dave Meyers and the Surftones/ Laguna Limbo Luau/ Surfs Up! at Banzai Pipeline

Los Pickups/ Mister Moto/ AL Abordaje!

The Dragsters/ Go Little Tiger/ Drag City

The Mummies/ The Fly/ The Peel Sessions

Lenny Dee/ Plantation Boogie/ Dee-Lightful

Stan Kenton and His Orchestra/ Tequila/ Cocktail Mix Vol. 3: Swingin’ Singles

Lester Lanin and His Orchestra/ Sweet Georgia Brown Twist/ Twistin’ in High Society

The Pyramids/ Bikini Drag/ Summer Beach Party

Duane Eddy/ Bonnie Came Back/ Single (Jamie Records)

The Eliminators/ Bone Cruncher/ Unleashed

Jim Helms and His Orchestra/ Amor Levado (Mischievous Love)/ Bossa Nova

The Rumblers/ Boss/ Revenge of the Surf Instrumentals

The Naturals/ The Mummy/ Weirdsville

Ray Conniff and His Orchestra/ Volare/ The Happy Beat

The Reluctant Aquanauts/ Travellin’ Man/ Beyond the Sea

Si Zentner and His Orchestra/ Desafinado/ Si Zentner and His Orchestra Play Desafinado

Jim Messina and His Jesters/ The Breeze and I/ The Dragsters

The Misfits/ Route 66/ Single 

Peter Nero/ The Girl From Ipanema/ Maganavox’s Let Us Entertain You

The Surf Teens/ Bullwinkle/ Surfmania

The Imapcts/ Lisa/ Wipe Out!

The Surf Teens/ Intoxica/ Surfmania

Man-Or-Astroman?/ Time Bomb/ Destroy All Astromen!

Summer is on it’s way

Summer is on it’s way

Week #50 Episode #50!

WOW WOW WOW! Sorry everybody, I’m just coming down from that whirlwind of a quarter! So here is last week’s episode which was the last episode of the quarter!

Officially, there has been a scheduling change, too. SurfaNova will now be on the air Wednesdays from 12pm to 2pm! However, due to a certain circumstance I will be missing next episode for the first time. The Lovely Jonathan Ontiveros will be taking my place with some sweet surf n’ tunes!

See y’all next week!


The Gallants/ The Searcher/ Single (Capitol Records)

Ernest Maxin/ On The Beach/ Single (Top Rank International)

The Vulcanes/ The Outrage/ Single (Capitol Records)

Bob Keene Orchestra/ Twist and Freeze/ Del Fi Beach Party

The Marketts/ Bella Dalena/ Single (Warner Brothers Records)

Harold Betters Orchestra/ Ram Bunk Shush/ Ram Bunk Shush: The Harold Betters Sound

The Royaltones/ Wail!/ Single (Jubilee Records)

The Rip Chords/ Gone/ Hey Little Cobra and Other Hot Rod Hits

The String-A-Longs/ Wheels/ Single (Warwick Records)

The Orlons/ Surfin’/ Hey Beach Girls Female Surf N’ Drag

B. Bumble and the Stingers/ Nut Rocker/ Single (Rendezvous Records)

The Astronauts/ Main Title from Ride The Wild Surf/ Rarities

The Challengers/ Catch Us if You Can/ The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Tornadoes/ Globe Trottin’ / Single (London Records)

Dick Dale and His Del-Tones/ Greenback Dollar/ King of the Surf Guitar

Billy Daniels/ Perfidia/ Dance to the Magic of Billy Daniels

The Tradewinds/ New York’s a Lonely Town/ Single (Red Bird Records)

John T. Williams/ Brazil/ Big Hits From Columbia Pictures

The Rumblers/ Surf Rat/ Surf Legends and Rumors

The De-Fenders/ Drag Beat/ Drag Beat

The Trashmen/ Birdbath/ Surfin’ Bird

The Blazers/ Beaver Patrol/ Cowabunga!

Duane Eddy/ Wild Westerners/ Single (RCA Records)

Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All Stars/ Fly Me To The Moon/ Ole! Bossa Nova!

Jim Neely Trio/ Misirlou/ Single (Tru-Sound Records)

Joe Houston/ Maile/ Surf Rockin’

Johnny and the Hurricanes/ Red River Rock/ Single

The Rhythm Rockers/ Caravan/ Soul Surfin’

Johnny Douglas and His Orchestra [Vocals by The Eagles]/ The Huckle Buck/ Dance Party Discotheque

The Newbeats/ Hey-O Daddy-O/ Single (Hickory Records)

The Cheers/ Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots/ Shutdown

The Deuce Coupes/ Candy Apple Blue/ Hotrodders’ Choice

The Astronauts/ Shortnin’ Bread/ Rockin’ with the Astronauts

The Challengers/ Latin’ia/ Surfbeat

The Lively Ones/ Shootin’ the Pier/ Surf Drums

The Dragsters/ Super Charger/ Drag City

Southern Culture on the Skids/ Meximelt/ Double Wide and Live


UC Irvine


UC Irvine